Business Law


Langon’s attorneys can provide your company with comprehensive legal advice in all areas of business law including:

  • Corporate Governance: organizing and managing shareholder, board and management meetings and maintaining corporate minutes and books;
  • Contract Negotiation: drafting, editing, reviewing and negotiating business contracts with customers, vendors, strategic partners, consultants and other business partners;
  • Employment Matters: providing advice regarding hiring and termination decisions, standard employment contracts, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, etc…;
  • Intellectual Property: establishing IP protection programs and providing general advice regarding trademarks, copyright, trade secrets and other intellectual property assets;
  • Financing: providing advice regarding general financing strategies and assistance with routine debt financing and banking arrangements, including institutional loans and banking lines of credit;
  • Regulatory Filings: providing assistance in the preparation and filing of routine regulatory filings;
  • Product/Service Expansion: providing support in connection with expansion into new product or geographic markets;
  • Risk Management: establishing risk management programs that limits short and long term business liability;
  • Legal Compliance: establishing and managing compliance programs relevant to your industry, including contract process/controls and employment programs;
  • Strategic Planning: providing assistance in strategic planning, market analysis and other management initiatives.

We also offer General Counsel Services packages for any type of budget. These packages offer you an affordable way to manage your legal needs.

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