A Message From Our Founder


All entrepreneurs know how expensive it is to start and operate a small business.  Many are particularly worried about the high cost of legal services and how these costs will impact their bottom line.  At a time when companies are struggling to survive having an opportunity to trim legal costs can often mean the difference between a successful business and going out business.

That’s where we come in. From our innovative fixed fee Company Startup Packages to our General Counsel Service, Langon has become a leader in providing affordable legal service solutions to startups and small businesses.  And if that wasn’t all, Langon offers clients worldwide the benefits of a full service business law firm at a fraction of what other law firms charge.  That means less money for your lawyer and more savings for your company.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help your company cut legal cost dramatically.  We are confident that in the end you will choose Langon because it offers excellent legal advice at a cost-effective price.

Alan J. Gongora, Esq.
Founder and Managing Partner
Langon Law Group LLC

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