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If you own a startup or a small to mid-size company you are probably facing a dilemma when it comes to finding affordable legal services.

Because you manage your business on a limited budget you are just not in a position to hire a full-time in-house counsel who can manage you day-to-day legal and regulatory needs.  You could always hire a law firm but they regularly charge hourly fees of $300 or more.  High per hour fees don’t just translate into lower overall profits.  Feeling that the “meter is running” every time you call your lawyer reduces your incentive to reach out for proactive legal advice.  And it is proactive legal advice that can limit your liability and save you thousands of dollars in the long run.


Langon’s General Counsel Service offers you an affordable way to manage your legal needs.  It allows you to “hire” an in-house lawyer to perform general legal services for your company at a low fixed monthly fee.  This monthly fee remains the same regardless of how often you reach out for advice and is subject to periodic review and assessment as needs change.

The benefits of our General Counsel Service include:

  • Regular, UNLIMITED access to a full service business law firm;
  • Never having to worry that the “meter is running;”
  • More COST-EFFECTIVE than hiring full time in-house counsel;
  • Experienced attorneys add depth and expertise to your management team; and
  • Added value to your business from close working relationship with your lawyer.


Our General Counsel Service includes the following:

  • General Legal Advice: provide general legal advice applicable to your industry.
  • Commercial Contracts: draft, edit, review and negotiate commercial contracts with customers, vendors, strategic partners, consultants and other business partners.
  • Legal Compliance: establish and manage compliance programs relevant to your industry (including contract process/controls and employment programs).
  • Corporate Governance: organize and manage shareholder, board and management meetings and maintain corporate minutes and books.
  • Risk Management: establish and manage risk management program that limits short and long term liability.
  • Employment Matters: provide advice regarding hiring and termination decisions, standard employment contracts, confidentiality and non-compete agreements.
  • Management of Consultants: manage outside consultants to the extent their work impacts legal/regulatory obligations of the company.
  • Intellectual Property: establish IP protection program and provide general advice regarding trademarks, copyright, trade secrets and other intellectual property (excluding patents), with recommendations for its protection and exploitation.
  • Strategic Planning: assist management in strategic planning, market analysis and other management initiatives.
  • Regulatory Filings: assist in the preparation and filing of routine regulatory filings.
  • Financing: provide advice regarding general financing strategies and assistance with routine debt financing and banking arrangements (including basic lines of credit).
  • Product/Service Expansion: provide support in connection with expansion into new product or geographic markets.


To sign up for Langon’s General Counsel Service just contact us at 1-800-937-1843 to schedule an attorney consultation.  You can also fill out our online Contact Questionnaire and someone will contact you right away.  Attorney consultations are usually scheduled within 1 business day.

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