Startup Packages


We at Langon know how expensive it is to start a company.  That is why we offer our clients the most affordable fixed fee Startup Packages available anywhere. With every package you get great legal advice from an expert in the field, PLUS everything you need to get your company off the ground fast!


  • Attorney Consultation PLUS Company Formation Analysis $99
  • Single Member LLC Package $449
  • Multi-Member LLC Package $549
  • C Corporations  $649
  • S Corporations  $749
  • Limited Partnerships $549
  • Limited Liability Partnerships $590


1. Attorney Consultation via Phone/Email: Consult with one of our attorneys who will guide you through the startup process.

2. Company Formation Analysis: This analysis provides you answers to some of your most important legal questions including:

  • What type of legal entity is best for my business?
  • In what state should I register?
  • What fees will I have to pay to register my business?
  • What are my tax consequences?
  • How do I limit my liability?
  • What legal documents do I need to form my company?

3. Company Registration:  Langon will prepare and register your Articles of Incorporation (Corps), Articles of Organization (LLCs), or Certificate (LPs, LLPs) with state authorities.  Our registration service includes the following:

  • Name check
  • Filing preparation and
  • Filing submission

4. Personalized Company Agreements:  These agreements are essential legal documents that outline how your company will operate and serve to limit your liability.  Our attorneys will draft your LLC Operating Agreement, Corporation Bylaws or LP/LLP Agreement based on (1) information you provide during your attorney consultation; (2) responses to questionnaires Langon will send you; and (3) comments you provide to an initial draft of the agreement.  If you registered a corporation you will also receive an Action by Written Consent of Incorporator and Initial Board Resolutions.

5. EXTRAS: You will also receive the following:

  • EIN Tax ID Number: You will need this number to open bank accounts and for other important business matters.
  • S Corporation Election: Allows your Corp to obtain pass-through taxation benefits. (S-Corporation Package)
  • Startup Checklist: This checklist summarizes all the steps you need to take to get your company off the ground. It includes links and contact information to all state and federal agencies relevant for your business for your reference.
  • Company Kit: Corporations and LLCs are required to keep a “minute book” that hold such things as the formation documentation, resolutions, ownership certificates, and meeting minutes. It is generally requested by authorities in the event of an audit. It is also shared with potential purchasers if the company is being sold. Our kit comes with a customized binder with you company name, a company seal, stock/membership certificates, a transfer ledger and much more.


1. Contact Langon. To get the process started just contact Langon at 1-800-937-1843 to schedule an attorney consultation.  You can also fill out our online Contact Questionnaire and someone will contact you right away.  Attorney consultations are usually scheduled within 2 business days.

2. Sign Our Engagement Agreement.  We will email you a standard Engagement Agreement for your signature prior to your attorney consultation.   You can scan or fax back a signed copy.

3. OPTION ONE: Purchase Initial Consultation Service. Some of our clients prefer to get some basic legal questions answered before they purchase the full Startup Package.  That is why we offer our Attorney Consultation via Phone/Email and Company Formation Analysisservices for a low flat fee of $99.  You can always purchase the full Startup Package and get this fee discounted from the final package price.  You can pay by credit card or via wire transfer.

4. OPTION TWO: Purchase Startup Package.        


  • Note that the prices quoted are for company formations involving a typical level of complexity.  Package fees may increase if it’s determined that your company formation requires more attention during your initial consultation.
  • Prices quoted do not include fees charged by state and local governments to register your company.  We will let you know the total fees that will be charged prior to filing your registration materials.
  • Langon is committed to processing your Initial Consultation Service within 3 business days following your initial attorney consultation and your Startup Package within 5 business days following your purchase.  Note that Langon cannot guarantee that state authorities will process your company registration documentation within a specific amount of time.
  • Please review our Startup Packages Engagement Agreement.
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