Why Pay More?


Choosing Langon means paying LESS

Anyone doing business today knows how expensive legal costs can get. Business lawyers regularly charge hourly fees of $400 or more for general consultations. Hourly fees of $600 or more are now standard practice for law firms offering specialized legal services. At a time when companies are struggling to survive having an opportunity to trim legal costs can mean the difference between a successful business and going out of business.

That’s where we come in. Langon is unique because it offers you excellent legal representation at the lowest possible price. Our business structure means that we can charge our clients LESS than comparable law firms offering similar legal services. Often A LOT LESS.

In fact, hiring Langon can mean savings of between 30% to 60% in legal fees. That means less money for your lawyer and greater savings for your company.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. We encourage you to check out our competition by reaching out to your business contacts and requesting referrals from other attorneys. We are confident that in the end you will choose Langon because it is the best, most cost-effective legal services firm anywhere.

Choosing Langon means not compromising on excellence

Paying less doesn’t have to mean having to compromise on excellence. That’s what makes Langon so unique. ALL of our attorneys have graduated from Ivy League law schools or have an Oxbridge legal background. ALL of our attorneys have worked at top law firms and are respected members of the legal bar. This means that you can trust Langon to handle all of your most important legal matters. For LESS.

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Why Are Fees So Low?

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